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Stay ahead of the pack!
P&P supports your business to be competitive, control the turnover growth and the budget monitoring.
Bookkeeping makes you nervous?
P&P supports your company to keep your financials and reporting right on track.
First Miler Program
Stop Dreaming Start Doing! Participate in P&P’s First Miler Program.
Constantly learning to provide the best service.
At P&P, we constantly update ourselves with the latest trends and regulations.
Our Pledge
12 hours Rule
P&P guarantees to answer all business enquiries within 12 hours, with services rendered in 10+ languages. Because in P&P, being slow is not an option.
News & Events
18 Jul, 2016
P&P’s new office in Shenzhen
We are delighted to announce the opening of our new Shenzhen office! Come visit us and get a personalized plan that best suits your needs!
14 Jul, 2016
La Cina nel 2016
P&P Shanghai's Francesca Scortichini will share her expertise on 'China 2016: Outlook and Perspectives for Companies', organized by LA FONDAZIONE ITALIA CINA together with Regione Piemonte, Camera di commercio di Torino, Ceipiemonte Scpa next Monday July 18. To regist...
27 May, 2016
What do I talk about when I talk about startups
Eight successful entrepreneurs. Eight inspiring startup journeys. With only ONE goal: to change the world...starting from Hong Kong.
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Startup Seminar on 14th June 2016